PENINSULA HOME FUND: A haven for couple [plus latest donors — many thanks to them!]
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The Home Fund helped Thrreen Smith through homelessness and her partner's colon cancer. -- Photo by Tim Hockett/for Peninsula Daily News

To donate to the PDN Peninsula Home Fund, go back to the homepage and click on the “Peninsula Home Fund” button.

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Give voice to your heart

A GIFT OF any size is welcome.

The Peninsula Home Fund has never been a campaign of heavy hitters.

If you can contribute only a few dollars, please don't hesitate because you think it won't make a difference.

Every gift makes a difference, regardless of its size.

To donate, write a check to “Peninsula Home Fund” and attach it to the coupon on this page.

Mail both items to Peninsula Home Fund, Peninsula Daily News, P.O. Box 1330, Port Angeles, WA 98362.

You can also donate online by credit card.

Go back to the homepage, then click on “Peninsula Home Fund — Click Here to Donate.”

All contributions are fully IRS tax-deductible.

The fund's IRS number, under the auspices of OlyCAP, is 91-0814319.

Whether you donate by coupon or online, you will receive a written thank-you and acknowledgment of your contribution.

To delay may mean to forget.
EDITOR'S NOTE: For 22 years, Peninsula Daily News readers in Jefferson and Clallam counties have supported the “hand up, not a handout” Peninsula Home Fund.

Today, we feature another in a series of articles on how the fund operates and who benefits from our readers' generosity.

More information about the Home Fund will appear Wednesday.

By Tim Hockett
For Peninsula Daily News

PORT TOWNSEND — Can it get worse?

Imagine becoming homeless because your plans fell apart. Could anything be worse? Oh, yes.

Thrreen Smith and Thomas Williams have been together 10 years, raising two children and caring for an ailing mom in Eugene, Ore.

The economy had taken its toll on this family.

When their business failed, they resorted to doing what they could to make ends meet.

“We both worked hard and were cleaning houses, trying to bail ourselves out of debt and provide a roof over our heads,” said Smith.

“It was exhausting.

“Thomas had a former back injury, but we were determined to do whatever it takes to keep food on the table.”

The couple were discouraged and dreamed of a positive change.

Despite health concerns (Williams had developed painful symptoms that worried him), the couple jumped on the opportunity when a family member suggested they move to Port Townsend and start over.

Their plan was to pool all of their resources, get jobs and settle in.

“We had already packed the U-Haul when we got word that our housing option fell through,” said Smith.

“By then, we were so tired from packing and had already determined to come to Port Townsend, so we made the move anyway and pitched our camping tent at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

“It was inexpensive and lovely in the middle of summer.

“Our plan was to use the time to look for jobs and permanent housing.

“We simply viewed it as camping.”

But Williams' health continued to decline.

He was hurting.

Soon, he could barely move. The pain became intolerable.

He went to the Jefferson Healthcare hospital emergency room.

After being examined, he was advised very strongly to come back and be seen by a specialist.

Resistant, because he did not have that kind of money, he reluctantly agreed.

He took the bus to the hospital the next morning, where he was examined.

He had colon cancer.

“We were stunned,” Smith recalled.

“By then, we had been in the tent three weeks; it was no longer camping.

“Sometimes, Thomas hurt so bad he worried out loud about whether he could go on living.

“Our funds were almost entirely gone, and we were going to need to get to frequent medical appointments.

“Upon hearing about our housing situation, the wonderful staff at the ER referred us to a local benevolence group called ECHHO [Ecumenical Christian Helping Hands Organization, a local benevolence group], who provided us rides to several follow-up medical appointments.

“By then, we were officially homeless.”

Helpers from ECHHO called OlyCAP on the couple's behalf to see if they could find a more appropriate living situation.

OlyCAP is nonprofit Olympic Community Action Programs, the No. 1 emergency-care agency in Jefferson and Clallam counties.

It also screens the applicants for the Peninsula Daily News' “hand up, not a handout” Peninsula Home Fund and distributes the funds.

Williams was very reluctant to begin any sort of treatment without proper housing.

They visited the state DSHS office and got some food assistance and were able to access the local food bank.

A friend of theirs, Johnny Bryant, took them to an appointment at ­OlyCAP, where they connected with Kathy Morgan, OlyCAP housing specialist.

(Bryant was the subject of last Sunday's Peninsula Home Fund profile.)

Morgan was able to place them into one of Port Townsend's Haines Street Cottages for emergency shelter, then was able to arrange for them to get transitional housing for an extended period in one of OlyCAP's transitional housing units, an apartment.

She also drew upon several resources to help the couple, including the Peninsula Home Fund.

“We were overwhelmed with gratitude,” said Smith. “We were never looked down upon or ever humiliated.

“Thomas has modest income coming in from SSI now, and our housing is taken care of for the immediate future.”

Thomas has now completed a combination of radiation treatments and chemotherapy.

He still faces big decisions about surgery for his cancer, but at the least, he and Smith are in safe, warm housing.

They are both very grateful for this caring community.

“What stood out to me,” said Smith, “is that you really live up to your motto of ‘helping people to help themselves.'”

Fundraising campaign

The PDN's Peninsula Home Fund — a safety net for local residents when there is nowhere else to turn — is seeking contributions for its annual holiday season fundraising campaign that runs from Thanksgiving through Dec. 31.

From Port Townsend to Forks, from Quilcene and Brinnon to Sequim and LaPush, the Home Fund is a “hand up, not a handout” for children, teens, families and the elderly to get through an emergency situation.

Money from the Home Fund goes for hot meals for seniors, meeting rent, energy and transportation needs, warm winter coats for kids, home repairs for the low-income, needed eyeglasses and prescription drugs, dental work, safe and drug-free temporary housing . . .

The list goes on and on.

Begun in 1989, the Home Fund is supported by Jefferson and Clallam residents.

Individuals, couples, families, businesses, churches, service organizations and school groups set a record for contributions in 2010: $248,367.35.

With heavy demand this year, the carefully rationed fund is being rapidly depleted.

Since Jan. 1, the Home Fund has helped more than 2,160 households — almost 4,750 individuals like Thrreen Smith and Thomas Williams on the North Olympic Peninsula.

As we move into winter, the toughest period of the year, all of the money collected in 2010 is expected to be exhausted by Dec. 31.

■   The Peninsula Home Fund is a unique nonprofit program.

No money is deducted by the Peninsula Daily News.

Every penny goes to OlyCAP to help the most vulnerable members of our community, from infants to families to seniors.

Because of the extraordinary demand experienced by OlyCAP in 2011 — and plummeting cutbacks in grants and government support — for the first time in the 22-year history of the Home Fund, OlyCAP will use a portion of the fund in 2012 to pay for the helping hands who see clients.

The amount will be limited to 10 cents of every dollar donated.

The fund is not set up to hand out money passively.

OlyCAP can no longer absorb the costs of managing all the facets of the Home Fund — screening applicants, providing counseling and carefully disbursing the funds — without financial assistance.

It must tap a small portion of the fund this year as tough times compound the challenges it faces to help those in need.

■   The Home Fund is not a welfare program.

Assistance, which usually averages less than $100, is also limited to one time in a 12-month period.

The average amount of help this year was about $95 per family.

As needed, Peninsula Home Fund donations are also used in conjunction with money from churches, service clubs and other donors, enabling OlyCAP to stretch the value of the contribution.

The Home Fund staff's most important goal is to get the individual or family through a crisis and back on the path of self-sufficiency.

Whenever possible, case managers work with each individual or family to develop a plan to become financially stable — and avoid a recurrence of the emergency that prompted aid from the fund.

The goal again: “a hand up, not a handout.”

■   All contributions are fully IRS tax-deductible for the year in which a check is written. (See accompanying story.)

■   Your personal information is kept confidential. The PDN does not rent, sell, give or otherwise share your address or other information with anyone or make any other use of it.

Applying for a grant

To apply for a Peninsula Home Fund grant, phone OlyCAP at 360-452-4726 (Clallam County) or 360-385-2571 (Jefferson County).

■   OlyCAP's Port Angeles office is at 228 W. First St., Suite J (Armory Square Mall); 360-452-4726.

■   Its Port Townsend office is at 803 W. Park Ave.; 360-385-2571.

■   The Forks/West End office is at 421 Fifth Ave.; 360-374-6193.

OlyCAP's website:; email:

If you have any questions about the fund, phone John Brewer, Peninsula Daily News editor and publisher, at 360-417-3500.

Or email him at

Peninsula Daily News publishes the donation coupon and information about the fund every Sunday and Wednesday during the fundraising campaign.

Contributions so far

While most of the money is raised between Thanksgiving and Dec. 31, the fund itself never closes.

Donations of any amount are always welcome.

Below is a list of donors whose contributions were processed between Dec. 1 and Dec. 8 (some credit card donors during that period will be processed this week).

Thank you very much for making a difference in the lives — and futures — of your neighbors like Thrreen Smith and Thomas Williams:

■   June A. Anderson, Port Angeles — $100. In memory of my wonderful Johnie Key.

■   Riley L. and Ann K. Bigler, Sequim — $100.

■   Garnet V. Charles and Rosi Francis, Port Angeles — $176.

■   Keith and Laurene Haugland, Port Angeles — $200.

■   Myrna and Chris Juergens, Sequim — $50.

■   Joan and Richard Sargent, Port Angeles — $250. In memory of Paula Sargent.

■   Hoch Construction Inc., Port Angeles — $1,000.

■   Wayne and Tracy Fitzwater, Port Angeles — $50.

■   Tom and Judie Sharpe, Port Angeles — $50.

■   Karen and Jim Pate, Port Townsend — $50.

■   Tim McNulty and Mary Morgan, Sequim — $100.

■   Eleanor and Andy Geiger, Port Angeles — $250.

■   Dolores Mangano, Port Angeles — $25.

■   Edith Snelgrove, Port Angeles — $75. In memory of David and Martha.

■   Charles and Jane Kopriva, Port Townsend — $100.

■   LaVonne and Bill Mueller, Sequim — $100.

■   Fred and Georgine Sullivan, Port Angeles — $100.

■   Sandra Louch, Port Angeles — $100. In memory of Charles D. Lynch.

■   Laura Horrocks, Port Angeles — $200. In memory of Allan and Gar Horrocks.

■   Ann Kennedy, Port Angeles — $100. In memory of my beloved Bob.

■   Myra W. Ward, Sequim — $100. In memory of my great nephew, Karl Herbst, 26, who served two tours in Iraq with the Marine Corps.

■   Joanne Bailey, Port Townsend — $100. In memory of Carl Nyberg — husband.

■   Mary Jane Schmidt, Port Townsend — $100. In memory of Bernard and Mary Andrews.

■   Kathryn J. Hofer, Port Angeles — $100. In honor of Dale Hofer.

■   Norm and Anita Moran, Port Ludlow — $250. In honor of the volunteers/workers at the OlyCAP thrift store.

■   Charles R. Williams, Port Angeles — $25.

■   Davis and Lisa Bednarski, Snohomish — $200.

■   Sequim Prairie Garden Club, Sequim — $250.

■   Charles and Marilyn Whidden, Port Angeles — $100.

Many thanks also to these donors (who requested that the amount of their donation be kept private):

■   Robert and Ruth Worley, Sequim.

■   Christopher Lemon, Port Angeles. In memory of Danny Holmquist. “I miss you, Bud.”

■   Mr. and Mrs. Terry R. Santos, Sequim.

■   Betty M. Gray, Port Angeles. In memory of Don Gray.

■   Marolyn and Herb Russell, Port Angeles. In memory of Will Muller.

■   Bill and Barb Pearl, Port Angeles.

■   Jim and Sally Halvorsen, Port Angeles.

■   Jane and Randy Priest, Sequim.

■   Bob and Audrey Kaplan, Port Angeles.

■   Sue Priddy and Allen Herlyck, Port Townsend.

■   E.C. and Jean Gockerell, Sequim.

■   Dave and Casey Murphy, Sequim.

■   Fred and Alta Wilson, Port Angeles.

■   Stan and Kris Messer, Port Ludlow.

■   Ben and Kay Lonn, Forks.

■   Randi and Heather Hansen, Port Angeles. In memory of Phyllis Arndt — gone but not forgotten.

■   Rick and Wendy Oak, Port Angeles.

■   Ed and Beatrice Temple, Sequim. In memory of our son, Mark Temple.

■   James Emery, Port Angeles.

■   Violet Grall, Port Angeles.

■   Sandra and David Marsh, Sequim.

■   Jack and Sue Spears, Port Angeles.

■   James and Dianne Salyer, Sequim.

■   Arlene Cox, Sequim.

■   Joyce and Vince Zodiaco, Nordland.

■   Diane Kaufman, Port Angeles.

■   Dennis and Lucinda Canada, Port Ludlow.

■   Cyd Savoy, Sequim.

■   Oscar and Marcia Heydorn, Sequim. In memory of Aunt Mae and Uncle Bud.

■   Ed and Carolyn Fjerstad, Sequim. In memory of Burnie Fjerstad and Mary Nosko.

■   Ray and Lu Lovely, Port Angeles.

■   Al and Barbara Deese, Port Angeles. In honor of Anne Holke.

■   Ellen and Ted Tsoneff, Port Angeles. In honor of Marge and Martin Goodman, Violet and Stephen Tsoneff.

■   Bill and Sarah Tozier, Port Angeles. Best wishes for peace and health.

■   Debbie, Greg and Leah, Port Angeles. In memory of Mary Roon, CNM.

■   Jim and Joanne Hallett, Port Angeles. In honor of veterans of all wars.

■   Laurie and David Reeve, Port Angeles. In honor of Clallam County veterans.

■   Thomas and Deborah Cox, Sequim. In memory of Frank Brancato.

■   Sonje Beal, Syracuse, Utah. In memory of Craig Baughman. Craig, not a day goes by that we don't miss your smiling face. Your time with us was way too short.

■   Dorothy Munkeby, Port Angeles. In memory of my parents, Julia and Albert Haller, and brothers John and Bill.

■   Suzanne W. Hadley, Forks. In loving memory of Fr. Patrick O'Hogan.

■   Rex Wilson, Port Angeles. In honor of all of my former PDN colleagues. My best wishes to all of them for only happy holidays and only the best of great fortune in 2012. It was truly an honor to work alongside them for all these years.

■   Rex and Olga Wilson, Port Angeles. In memory of Henry Acevedo. We still miss you in the PDN newsroom.

■   David and Laurie Neuenschwander, Quilcene.

■   Drs. Joseph L. and Judy M. Price, Sequim.

■   Pat and Jim Bias, Sequim.

■   Chris and Valerie Mohr, Sekiu.

■   Kathy and Jim Wesley, Port Angeles.

■   Donna K. Brown, Port Angeles.

■   Janet Nickolaus, Port Angeles. In memory of James W. Nickolaus.

■ Don and Phyllis Thompson, Port Angeles. In memory of Mathilda Thompson.

■   Chuck and Marian McGilvra, Port Angeles. In memory of Jean Snyder.

■   Donna and Eric Miner, Sequim. In honor of all single-parent dads.

■   Mr. and Mrs. George Norris, Port Angeles. In memory of Steve and Gerry.

■   Norman Gallacci, Lacey. In memory of members of the Gallacci and Morris families, especially Ray and Nancy Morris. Also, in honor of deceased, and current, members of the Port Angeles High School Class of 1957. Thanks for the memories! Peace, Norman.

■   Jon and Karen Monson, Sequim.

■   Douglas McClary, Sequim. In honor of my five grandkids — Connor Douglas McClary, Casey Michael McClary, Brendan James McClary, Jack Larson McClary and Lindsey Ann Peterson.

■   Emogene Herb, Sequim. In memory of Randy Herb and Maxine Anderson.

■   Margaret Edris, Port Angeles. In memory of Monica.

■   John J. Cameron, Sequim. In memory of Charlotte Cameron.

■   Guerin Family Foundation, Sequim.

■   Robbin and Patricia Hammel, Port Angeles. In memory of Jim and Evie Woolett.

■   Lillian Green, Port Angeles. In memory of Harold.

■   Shirley P. Bates, Port Angeles. In memory of Dean Palmer.

■   Bill and Beth VerSteeg, Sequim. In memory of Nick and Eva VerSteeg, Walt and Olive Fisher and Marinette Howard.

■   Joanna Baker, Port Angeles. In memory of Harrison (Bud) Baker and Piper Innes Camero.

■   Ann Chang, Port Angeles. In honor of my family. You are the best. I am so lucky to call you mine.

■   Ann Chang, Port Angeles. In memory of Todd McGarvie, Terry Cameron, Fred and Lucy Ordona, Dr. Reed Wendel and Katie McGarvie. In memory of some very special people in my life. I miss you.

■   Fred and Carol Royce, Port Angeles.

■   Dr. Joseph L. Price, Quail Hollow Psychotherapy, Sequim.

■   Dianne Smith, Port Angeles.

■   Mark and Patty Hannah, Port Angeles.

■   Dorothea Morgan, Port Angeles.

■   Arnold and Debbie Schouten, Port Angeles.

■   Norman and Ione Melos, Sequim.

■   Jim and Julie Haguewood, Port Angeles.

■   Paul and Anne Weisel, Sequim.

■   Hugh Bincoy, Port Angeles.

■   Dick and Dottie Foster, Port Angeles.

■   Ralph and Shirley M. Klein, Sequim.

■   Dale and Judy Burke, Sequim.

■   Dr. Roger and Jean Eichman, Nordland.

■   Kay Young, Port Townsend.

■   George and Corlyss Hamlin, Port Angeles.

■   Anne and Vincent Murray, Port Angeles.

■   Georgia Fraker, Port Angeles.

■   Randy and Kim Lemon, Port Angeles.

■   Linda and Bertha Norris, Port Angeles.

■   Charles and Hazel Blake, Sequim.

■   Don Fleisher, Sequim.

■   Ronald J. and Marilyn L. Carlson, Sequim.

■   Doreen Lidgate, Sequim.

■   Hana Gay, Sequim.

■   Kevin and Sue Ryan, Port Ludlow.

■   Beverly Stanley, Port Angeles.

■   Jim and Cheryl Coulter, Sequim.

■   Robert and Martha Van Etten, Nordland.

■   Don Wilson, Port Townsend.

■   Murven and Helen Sears, Port Angeles.

■   Janiell McLaughlin, Port Angeles.

■   Van Maxwell and Rennie Shannon, Port Angeles.

■   Larry and Marilynn Elliott, Sequim.

■   Jill Blake, Sequim.

■   Richard and Barbara Jepson, Sequim.

■   Edna and James Kridler, Sequim.

■   James Symes, Sequim.

■   Monty and Debbie Howe, Port Angeles.

■   Carl and Ralphia McLuen, Sequim.

■   Rita Marston, Port Angeles. In memory of Don Marston.

■   Phil and Janie Hill, Port Angeles. In memory of Francis Sanford and Pat Woodcock.

■   Fran and Joe Streva, Sequim.

■   Diane and Paul Shager, Sequim.

■   Hugo and Beverly Velasquez, Sequim. In honor of Bill Sutherland.

■   Claudia and Rich Fox, Sequim. In honor of Dan Holmquist.

■   Dart and Margie Whitmore, Sequim. In honor of our children.

■   David and Francie Louden, Port Angeles. In honor our wonderful mail carrier, Maureen, on Mount Pleasant.

■   Sherie Maddox, Port Angeles. In memory of Timmy.

■   Ron Little, Sequim. In memory of Betty Little.

■   Shirley Van Riper, Sequim. In memory of Harold Van Riper.

■   Jerry Macomber, Sequim. In memory of Pat Dove, SCC.

■   Robert and Velma Springfield, Port Angeles. In loving memory of Harold Winters and Lee Springfield.

■   Maurie Sprague, Port Angeles. In the name of Port Orchard Costanzo family.

■   Colleen Philliber, Sequim. In memory of Ron and Terry Miller.

■   Mietta M. Young, Sequim. In memory of Ted Young.

■   Ronald A. and Robin L. Sidwell, Port Angeles. In memory of Bill Galagan.

■   Christina and Brando Blore, Port Angeles.

■   AMS Audio Enterprises, Ojai, Calif.

■   Sue and C.V. Tondreau, Sequim.

■   Roy and Mary Gotham, Port Angeles.

■   Maxine Ochoa, Sequim.

■   Ingrid Lehrer, Sequim.

■   Barbara Erler and Mel Perricone, Sequim.

■   Rich and Carol Norseen, Sequim.

■   Bill and Joan Riedel, Sekiu.

■   Bob and Roberta Dickinson, Port Angeles.

■   G. Farmer, Sequim.

■   Stanley R. and Mary Lou Johann, Sequim.

■   Layton and Marsha Carr, Sequim.

■   Rob and Cindy Tulloch, Port Angeles.

■   Tom and Evelyn Campbell, Sequim.

■   Fran and Keith Wollen, Port Angeles.

■   Bill and Sharon Alton, Port Angeles.

■   Suzanne Orr, Port Angeles.

■   Barbara VanderWerf, Sequim.

■   John and Rosemary Forster, Port Angeles.

■   Jessica Wessler, Port Angeles.

■   Dry Creek Grange Lady's Auxiliary, Port Angeles.

■   Larry and Nancy Lang, Port Angeles.

■   Ron and Sandy Casscles, Sequim.

■   Jim and Linda Aldrich, Sequim.

■   Dan and Esther Darrow, Port Ludlow (allocated donation for use in 2012 and 2013).

■   Barbara Wieseman, Sequim.

Many thanks also to these donors (who requested anonymity):

■   Port Angeles — $25,000.

■   Sequim — $10.

■   Port Angeles — $30.

■   Port Townsend — $100. In memory of Gerald Thorsen.

■   Port Townsend — $25. In honor of “Smudgie.”

■   Port Angeles — $200.

■   Sequim — $200.

■   Port Angeles — $50.

■   Sequim — $25.

■   Sequim — $100.

■   Sequim — $30.

■   Port Angeles — $50.

■   Port Angeles — $200.

■   Sequim — $50.

■   Port Angeles — $100.

■   Port Angeles — $400. In memory of Bal and Jack.

■   Port Angeles — $100.

■   Sequim — $100. In honor of the glory of God.

■   Port Townsend — $100.

■   Port Angeles — $100. In memory of Yvonne Edwards.

■   Sequim — $200.

■   Port Townsend — $25. In memory of Joe Anne Fritz.

■   Sequim — $25.

■   Port Angeles — $500.

■   Sequim — $50.

■   Sequim — $100. In memory of our parents.

■   Sequim — $500.

■   Port Angeles — $200.

■   Sequim — $100.

■   Sequim — $25.

■   Port Angeles — $200.

■   Sequim — $100.

■   Port Angeles — $25.

■   Port Angeles — $100.

■   Port Townsend — $100. In memory of Jenny.

■   Port Ludlow — $200. Merry Christmas to all.

■   Port Angeles — $100.

■   Port Angeles — $50.

■   Sequim — $200.

■   Sequim — $50.

■   Port Townsend — $200.

■   Chimacum — $50.

■   Sequim — $50. In memory of my parents.

■   Port Angeles — $200. In honor of Valerie.

■   Port Angeles — $250. In honor of Jesus Christ.

■   Port Angeles — $50. In honor of Howard Corwin and Anne Corwin-Smokler.

■   Sequim — $1,000. In memory of my mama, Barbara King.

■   Port Ludlow — $20.

■   Port Angeles — $100.

■   Sequim — $60.

■   Port Angeles — $25.

■   Port Angeles — $100.

■   Port Angeles — $50.

■   Port Angeles — $100.

■   Forks — $222.22.

■   Anonymous, no city given — $100.

■   Port Angeles — $200.

■   Sequim — $200.

■   Port Angeles — $500.

■   Port Angeles — $100.

■   Sequim — $100.

■   Vancouver, Wash. — $100.

■   Sequim — $100.

■   Sequim — $50.

■   Port Angeles — $100.

■   Sequim — $200.

■   Sequim — $100.

■   Port Angeles — $300.


HANDWRITING CAN BE hard to decipher at times.

Please report any errors in this list to John Brewer, 360-417-3500 (there's voice mail if he's away), or email him at

We'll rerun the listing correctly.

Our sincerest appreciation again to our donors.

Last modified: December 11. 2011 2:42PM
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