Readers' generosity sets Peninsula Home Fund record of $268,137 — thank you, thank you!
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By John Brewer
Publisher and Editor, Peninsula Daily News

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Give voice to your heart
A GIFT OF any size is welcome.The Peninsula Home Fund has never been a campaign of heavy hitters.

If you can contribute only a few dollars, please don't hesitate because you think it won't make a difference.

Every gift makes a difference, regardless of its size.

To donate, write a check to “Peninsula Home Fund” and attach it to a 2013 donation coupon (click on the "related photos" gallery, above, and print out the coupon).

Mail both items to Peninsula Home Fund, Peninsula Daily News, P.O. Box 1330, Port Angeles, WA 98362.

You can also donate online by credit card.

Just visit, then click near the top of the home page on “Peninsula Home Fund — Click Here to Donate.”

All contributions are fully IRS tax-deductible.

The fund's IRS number, under the auspices of OlyCAP, is 91-0814319.

Whether you donate by coupon or online, you will receive a written thank-you and acknowledgment of your contribution.
TWO WORDS DO not say it all, but thank you!

Thank you very much!

We did it!

Thank you Port Angeles School District bus drivers, Sons of Norway, 7 Cedars Casino, J.&J Construction, Green Crow, Just for Dolls for Washington and Estes Builders . . .!

Thank you Margie Movius, Bryce and Gail Fish, Joe Cammack, Nancy Vivolo, the Jahns family, Diane Pirner, Park View Villas Residents Council, AMS Audio Enterprises Inc., Olympic Springs Inc. . . .!

Thank you “Anonymous from Sequim,” “Anonymous from Port Townsend,” “Anonymous from Forks,” “Anonymous from Port Angeles” . . .!

Many, many thanks

God bless you and thank you, generous readers across Jefferson and Clallam counties (and the names we just listed are only a random sampling, a fraction of those who have selflessly held out a helping hand) . . .

Because of your gifts, a record-breaking $268,137 was contributed to the Peninsula Daily News' "hand up, not a handout" Peninsula Home Fund.

Thousands of dollars in last-minute contributions arrived last week after the fund had been lagging behind last year's pace.

The final total for the 2012 campaign from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve smashed the old record of $254,593 set Dec. 31, 2011.

The hundreds and hundreds of compassionate donors who have been named every Sunday in the PDN during this year's campaign — as well as many others who preferred to remain anonymous — deserve our deepest gratitude.

Bridging the chasm

While there are signs that the economy is starting to turn around, those who have most felt the effects from our sustained economic anxiety still struggle.

Too many are still out of work.

Some are facing foreclosure.

Many more are wondering how they're going to heat their homes and provide for their families this winter.

The relief provided by the Peninsula Home Fund is real and deeply appreciated.

A check will be given as soon as possible to OlyCAP — Olympic Community Action Programs, the No. 1 emergency services agency for Jefferson and Clallam counties — so the money can begin helping our neighbors immediately.

OlyCAP manages the fund for the PDN, screens the applicants — and provides life-changing services to those who need a “hand up, not a handout.”

Every penny goes to OlyCAP to help the most vulnerable members of our community, from infants to families to seniors.

In the past 12 months, the Home Fund has assisted 3,000 individuals and families, many with children.

During the campaign drive, the PDN published stories about those in need who were helped by the Home Fund.

Fund never closes

The books on the 2012 fund drive are now closed.

But the Peninsula Home Fund itself never closes.

Donations of any amount are always welcome.

They can be sent at any time to Peninsula Home Fund, Peninsula Daily News, P.O. Box 1330, Port Angeles, WA 98362.

Or click on the Home Fund logo at

New contributions will go toward the 2013 campaign.

All Peninsula Home Fund contributions are fully IRS tax-deductible.

Peninsula's safety net

Take the depressing economy and compound it with domestic violence, an anxious quest for stable shelter and the stresses and strains on single-parent families.

The Home Fund is a safety net for people in Jefferson and ­Clallam counties when they suddenly face an emergency situation and can't find help elsewhere.

From Port Townsend to Forks, from Quilcene and Brinnon to Sequim and LaPush, the Home Fund provides hot meals for seniors; meets rent, energy and transportation needs; secures warm winter coats for kids, home repairs for the low-income, needed eyeglasses and prescription drugs, dental work, safe and drug-free temporary housing . . .

The list goes on and on . . .

Assistance, which usually averages less than $100, also is limited to one time in a 12-month period.

But even though the dollar figures are small, the impact can be big, in huge, life-changing ways.

And, as needed, Peninsula Home Fund contributions often are used in conjunction with money from churches and other agencies, enabling OlyCAP to stretch the value of the contribution.

Bridging the chasm

Always showing respect and kindness to people who don't always receive that in their daily lives, Home Fund staff's most important goal is to get the individual or family through a crisis and back on the path to self-sufficiency.

Whenever possible, Peninsula Home Fund case managers work with each individual or family to develop a plan to become financially stable — and avoid a recurrence of the emergency that prompted aid from the fund.

The fund is not set up to hand out money passively; recipients play active roles in their own success, their own rehabilitation, their own empowerment, their own futures.

That's the “hand up, not a handout” focus of the Home Fund.

Applying for a grant

To apply for a Peninsula Home Fund grant, phone OlyCAP at 360-452-4726 (Clallam County) or 360-385-2571 (Jefferson County).

■ OlyCAP's Port Angeles office is at 228 W. First St., Suite J (Armory Square Mall); 360-452-4726.

■ Its Port Townsend office is at 803 W. Park Ave.; 360-385-2571.

■ The Forks/West End office is at 421 Fifth Ave.; 360-374-6193.

OlyCAP's website:; email:

If you have any questions about the fund, phone me — John Brewer, Peninsula Daily News editor and publisher — at 360-417-3500.

Or email

A donor's personal information is kept confidential.

The PDN does not rent, sell, give or otherwise share your address or other information with anyone or make any other use of it.

2012-2013 donors

The following are the 2012 campaign's final donations by cash, credit cards and checks dated as of Dec. 31.

We already have received gifts that will allow us to jump-start the 2013 drive.

Thank you very much for making a difference in the lives — and futures — of your neighbors:

Donations made in 2013 for use in 2014:

■ Georgia Fraker, Port Angeles — $50.

■ Beverly J. Kinney, Sequim. In memory of Lyle B. Kinney.

■ Nancy Blackmer, Port Townsend.

■ Richard and Barbara Jepson, Sequim.

■ Carol L. Martell, Port Angeles. In memory of Ric Prael.

■ Anonymous, Port Angeles, $50.

■ Darryl and Shelley Wolfe, Port Angeles — $50. In memory of Lucy Marie Bay.

Donations made in 2012 for use this year:

■ O'Hara-Parker Family, Port Angeles — $100. In memory of Daniel Holmquist.

■ NO SANGHA, a meditation group, Port Angeles — $1,200.

■ Bob and Sharon Litwin, Sequim — $100. In honor of our grandson, Jonathan.

■ Port Angeles Golden Agers, Port Angeles — $300.

■ Inspired! [gift store], Port Angeles — $200. In memory of all of those who have been lost this year due to tragedy and violence. We honor their memories with love.

■ Port Angeles School District Bus Drivers, Port Angeles — $75.

■ Shirley R. Honoré, Port Angeles — $10. In memory of Mariana Honoré.

■ Maggie Jamison, Sequim — $100. In memory of Judy and Jack Birdyell, Jack Lyon and Peter Simpson.

■ Margo Donzé-Sanders, Sequim — $50.

■ Ron and Merine Allen, Sequim — $500. In memory of Claude and Elberta Rundall.

■ Pat Gilbert, Port Angeles — $150. In memory of my mother, Dottie Jensen.

■ Sidra Johansen, Port Angeles — $50. In memory of George and Lorraine Johansen.

■ Max and Phyllis Gerber, Sequim — $100.

■ J&J Construction of Port Angeles, Port Angeles — $250. In honor of employees of J&J Construction.

■ George and Heather Irwin, Port Angeles — $500.

■ Clare Hollingsworth, Port Angeles — $75.

■ Diane Pirner, Sequim — $500. In memory of Conrad Pirner. My dear husband, after eight years, you are finally at peace . . .

■ Tom Coville, Port Angeles — $30.

■ John and Sue Miles, Port Angeles — $500. In honor of George.

■ Mary Jane Schmidt, Port Townsend — $100. In memory of Bernard and Mary Andrews.

■ Steve Moore and Gigi Callaizak, Port Townsend — $1,500. $250 each in honor of Stephanie Moore, Judy Higgins, Cassidy Higgins, Elaine Moore, Jane Stearns and Dell and Diane Count.

■ Peninsula Daily News Employees, Port Angeles — $140

■ Joe Twogood, Port Angeles — $50.

■ Joyce Chiasson, Port Angeles — $100. In memory of Jack Chiasson.

■ Lou and Dianne Inlay, Sequim — $100.

■ Randy and Naomi Riggins, Sequim — $500. In memory of Paul Cronauer. We miss our friend very much.

Many thanks also to these 2012 donors (who requested that the amount of their donation be kept private):

■ Kathleen Kennedy, Port Angeles. In memory of Herbert Kennedy.

■ Ginny and John Masser, Port Angeles

■ R.J. Services Inc., Port Angeles.

■ Hannah Singhose, Port Angeles. In memory of our sister-in-law, Frances. We so miss you, Fran!

■ Gary and Linda Reidel, Port Angeles. In memory of our dear brother-in-law, Mike Irish. We all miss you so much.

■ C.A. Modena, Port Townsend.

■ Ron and Phyllis Stecker, Sequim.

■ Glen Martin and Rita Frangione, Port Townsend.

■ Fred and Michele Bailey, Port Townsend. In memory of Herman and Rita Logsdon.

■ Mrs. Merle Broderick, Port Angeles. In memory of C.A. Broderick.

■ Larry and Diane Bishop, Bellevue, Wash. In memory of Bill and Shirley Cooper.

■ AMS Audio Enterprises Inc., Sequim.

■ Al and JoAnn Hamilton, Port Angeles. In memory of Dick and Gloria Timm.

■ Charles and Shirley Lehman, Sequim. In memory of our son, Randy.

■ Naomi and Tom Foley, Sequim. In memory of H. Glenn Holtzer.

■ Gary and Marybeth Barnell, Port Angeles.

■ Larry and Nancy Fox, Port Angeles. In memory of the lives lost in Newtown, Conn.

■ Joe Cammack, Port Angeles.

■ Paul Richmond, Port Angeles.

■ Ellen and Barry Lerich, Nordland.

■ Paul and Paula Slyh, Sequim. In memory of loved ones.

■ Mara and Paul Mowery, Port Angeles. In honor of Peninsula First Responders.

■ William Bugg, Sequim. In memory of Sharon Bugg.

■ Robert and Hayes Wasilewski, Port Angeles. In honor of our parents.

■ David Storm, Seattle.

■ Joyce and Bero Mestayer, Sequim. In memory of our friend Jo Snyder, who passed on Sunday, December 23, 2012.

■ Ray and Sandy Thomas, Carlsborg.

■ Paul S. Hanway, Sequim.

■ Leslie Campbell, Port Angeles.

■ Gary and Carol Zellmer, Sequim.

■ Marie Breitsprecher, Sequim. In memory of Mel.

■ Paul and Donna Downes, Port Angeles.

■ Mad Maggi Boutique & Salon, Sequim.

■ Emogene Herb, Sequim. In memory of Randy Herb.

■ Elene Duncan, Sequim. In memory of my husband, Dr. William R. Duncan.

■ Frederic Robinson, Sequim. In honor of Anonymous.

■ Brando and Christina Blore, Port Angeles.

■ Clifton and Isabell Forward, Port Townsend.

■ Bill and Beth VerSteeg, Sequim. In memory of Nick, Eva and Bobby VerSteeg, Walter and Olive Fisher, and Linda Richter.

■ Chuck and Barb Blum, Sequim. In memory of Eva Harpst.

■ Donna M. Frazer, Port Angeles. In memory of my husband, Ed, and my son, Mike.

■ Harvey and Margaret Katz, Port Angeles.

■ Jerry and Jackie Schwagler, Port Angeles.

■ Rolland and Diane Kenitzer at Valley Haven, Port Angeles.

■ Pat and Patti Fogard, Sequim.

■ Ake and Siv Almgren, Sequim.

■ The Jahns Family, Port Angeles.

■ Bryce and Gail Fish, Sequim.

■ Reba and Estill Cornett, Port Angeles. In memory of our parents.

■ Jay and Paula Richter, Port Angeles.

■ Theresa Webster, Sequim.

■ Ted and Bobbie Simpson, Port Angeles.

■ Alf Loran Olsen, Port Angeles.

■ Bart and Marilyn Irwin, Port Angeles.

■ Merry Van Deusen, Port Angeles. In memory of George Van Deusen.

■ Sons of Norway Building Association, Port Angeles.

■ Nancy Vivolo, Port Angeles.

■ Bud and Ginny Bowling, Sequim. Thank you for all you do.

■ Chris Walvatne, Port Townsend. In memory of Anna and Casper Walvatne and Clarence and Betty Brown.

■ Barbara G. Hughes, Sequim. In memory of Harry Hughes.

■ Eric and Christy Brown, Port Angeles.

■ Emily and Greg Glassock, Port Angeles. In memory of Jesse Barnett.

■ June and Steve Evans, Port Angeles. In memory of Florence Steiner.

■ Jim and Marie Moran, Port Angeles.

■ Marcia Fagin, Sequim. In memory of my father. Grateful to be able to contribute in his memory.

■ Larry and Gail St. Peter, Sequim.

■ Miller Tree Inn Bed-and-Breakfast, Forks.

■ Tom Schaafsma, Sequim. In memory of Owen B. Sumerwell.

■ Charlotte Napionek and Janet Olivier, Sequim.

■ The Peters Family, Port Angeles. In honor of Loyd and Randy Peters.

■ Isabel Paniagua-Stevens, Sequim. In memory of Joyce Gallagher.

■ Al and Muriel Main, Port Angeles.

■ Barbara Clampett, Port Angeles. In memory of Bruce Clampett.

■ Laura Lilly, Port Angeles.

■ Dennis and Mary Hood, Sequim. In memory of Patricia Herbold.

■ Sylvia Durrwachter, Port Angeles. In memory of Dianne and Ruth Durrwachter.

■ Daniel and Barbara Hart and Catherine Hart, Port Angeles. In honor of our parents and family.

■ Nancy Dolansky, Sequim.

■ Mark Stehly, Sequim.

■ Carrol and Alan Clark, Sequim.

■ Dick and Gloria Atkins, Port Townsend.

■ John C. Farnsworth, Sequim.

■ Gary Twiss, Port Angeles.

■ Georgellen Haberman, Forks. In memory of Richard Haberman.

■ Jim and Karen Meuir, Port Angeles.

■ Richard Formhals, Sequim. In memory of John Radmore.

■ Don and Betty Skidmore, Sequim.

■ Kymberly Johnston, Sequim.

■ Mr. and Mrs. Ted W. Sullivan, Port Angeles.

■ Ron and Kathi Larsen, Sequim. In memory of Theresa Larsen.

■ Dave and Sally Ellefson, Port Angeles.

■ Frances Russo, Port Angeles. In memory of Angelo and James Pruduti. Also in honor of the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

■ Nancy and Sandy Goldstien, Sequim. In honor of Volunteer First Responders.

■ Melissa Soares, Sequim.

■ Ted Benlan, Sequim. In memory of Nina Benlan.

■ Darlene and Michael Clemens, Port Angeles.

■ Janice and Jay Miller, Sequim.

■ Lois Myren, Port Angeles. In memory of my husband, Budd Myren.

■ David and Jeanne Oldenkamp, Port Angeles.

■ D. Ann Shortess, Port Angeles. In memory of Dora Anton.

■ Ron and Kathy Hansen, Boulder City, Nev. In honor of Ken and Marge Hansen.

Many thanks also to these 2012 donors (who requested anonymity):

■ “An 8th-grader's Christmas stocking gift” — $20

■ Port Angeles, $500

■ Sequim, $50. In memory of Dorothy Rasmussen.

■ Sequim, $200.

■ Sequim, $500.

■ Sequim — $50.

■ Port Townsend — $100.

■ Sequim — $20. In memory of Michael Browning.

■ Sequim — $100.

■ Port Angeles — $1,000.

■ Port Angeles — $500. In honor of those helping others.

■ Port Angeles — $25.

■ Port Angeles — $158. In honor of the Port Angeles community, a great place to be.

■ Carlsborg — $300. In honor of my favorite Sequim family-owned restaurants: Ely's, Oak Table and Sunshine Cafe. Also honoring family and friends.

■ Sequim — $10.

■ Sequim — $100.

■ Port Townsend — $25.

■ Sequim — $10. Thanks to all the many, many helpers that offer a Hand UP!

■ Port Angeles — $500.

■ Forks — $300. Thanks for the work you do on this.

■ Sequim — $60.

■ Port Ludlow — $100.

■ Port Angeles — $1,200.

■ Port Townsend — $85. In honor of the Anderson family.

■ Sequim — $40.

■ Sequim — $25.

■ Sequim — $1,000.

■ Sequim — $500.

■ Port Angeles — $300.

■ Sequim — $25.

■ Sequim — $100.

■ Port Angeles — $200.

■ Port Townsend — $100.

■ Sequim — $100.

■ Port Angeles — $40. In honor of the Messiah.

■ Port Angeles — $50.

■ Sequim — $100.

■ Port Hadlock — $100.

■ Port Angeles — $30. In memory of Fitu.

■ Port Angeles — $50.

■ Port Angeles — $200. In honor of Joyce B.

■ Port Angeles — $50.

■ Port Angeles — $500. In honor of Home Fund volunteers.

■ Port Angeles — $250. In memory of Dave Dickinson.

■ Sequim — $25.

■ Carlsborg — $100.

■ Port Angeles — $50. In memory of Bill Horacek.

■ Sequim — $200.

■ Port Angeles — $50. In memory of family.

■ Port Angeles — $75. In memory of August Damon.

■ Sequim — $200.

■ Port Townsend — $100.

■ Port Angeles — $100.

■ Port Angeles — $100.

■ Port Angeles — $260.

■ Port Ludlow — $100. In honor of Ethel N. White.

■ Sequim — $25.

■ Port Angeles — $500.

■ Sequim — $25.

■ Port Hadlock — $50.

■ Port Townsend — $50.

■ Port Angeles — $100.

■ Port Angeles — $200. In memory of John Kalapaca.

■ Sequim — $50.

■ Sequim — $200.

■ Port Angeles — $200.

■ Port Angeles — $30.

■ Port Angeles — $100. In memory of Dave Estes.

■ Port Angeles — $100.

■ Port Angeles — $100. In memory of Betty and Billy Earley.

■ Sequim — $10.

■ Port Townsend — $20.

■ Port Angeles — $1,000. In honor of Kay, Scott, Andrew, Stuart, Maggie, Ren, Sam, Baby James.

■ Port Angeles — $100.

■ Port Angeles — $500.

■ Port Ludlow — $1,000.


HANDWRITING CAN BE hard to decipher at times.

Please report any errors in this list to John Brewer, 360-417-3500 (there's voice mail if he's away) or email him at

We'll rerun the listing correctly.

Our sincerest appreciation again to our donors.

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